Parent Frequently Asked Questions and Answers




  1. Are all the subjects going to be taught during distance learning? Yes. Math, Language Arts, and PE have separate time slots on the schedules. Social Studies and Science is integrated in Language Arts. Some schedules have an independent time slot for Science too. 

  2. How long of a day will the students be on the computer? All grade level schedules are posted on our website. (TK/K is 8:00-2:00; 1st-6th is 8:00-3:00) The students are not on the computer the whole time. Time varies according to the schedules and grade levels. 

  3. Have teachers been provided training on the full suite of Google Classroom Features? Many teachers have attended professional development training on the many features of Google and Google Classroom. 

  4. What will PE look like online? PE will be live Zoom lessons from the PE Teacher. Recorded lessons will be available on Teachers google classroom for those students who cannot attend the live instruction. 

  5. Why was lunch not scheduled at the same time for all grades? When creating the schedules, consideration for all areas had to be incorporated for the grades levels, including PE schedules, literacy group schedules, speech, etc. 

  6. If we feel our child is falling behind and will need further assistance, how will the process be for requesting an SST or IEP? If you have concerns about your child’s progress, you can let the teacher know, and the teacher will contact the SST team to set up a meeting with the parent. 

  7. For working parents that can’t stay home to do the proposed schedule and live Zooms, will there be flexibility for those individuals? You can let the teacher know and they will work with you on how to access recorded videos, lessons, and class assignments. 

  8.  Do we need to use the chrome books provided by the school? No, you can use your own device to access Zoom, google classroom, and other online resources. 

  9. Will the Speech Teachers work with the General Education Teachers to manage class time and speech time? Yes, the speech teacher will be in contact with all General education teachers to coordinate the schedule that works with the student and speech times. 

  10. Is the school still providing breakfast and lunch? Breakfast and lunch will be provided, however, it is no longer free for all students. Free and reduced lunch applications are available on the district website at The times for breakfast/lunch pick-ups at Crestview are Monday and Wednesdays from 11:00-1:00. Parents can pick up for their children, however, they need the child’s ID number too.

  11. Will students have homework too? Not necessarily added homework, since all work is done at home. 

  12. What about students who are physically unable to sit in front of a zoom meeting for so many hours? Teachers are aware that brain breaks as well as physical breaks are going to be needed during distance learning, just as they would do in the classroom. 

  13. Is there an expectation for Kindergarten students to have a parent sit with them throughout the day and assist them with technology and keeping them on track? Teachers will work with the parents and students in getting the students to do the online work independent of the parent. Jump start is a 3 week period of time that this will be worked on throughout. 

  14. Are there any considerations for socialization? Will the students be able to virtually eat lunch or do recess breaks? Socialization with all students is worked throughout the schedules. Teachers understand the importance of students socializing with one another. 

  15. How should we address Doctor’s appointments throughout the day? Will they be able to make up a Zoom session? Is a Doctor’s note required? You can let the teacher know what portion of the day that your child is missing and they will let you know where to find the missing lesson and work. Doctor’s notes can be sent to the office via email. 

  16. Will our students be doing standardized tests at the end of the year? As of now, the state tests will still be done in May for grades 3rd-6th. We will let you know if that changes. 

  17. Will any other tests/assessments take place? Yes, teachers will be giving the curriculum assessments, just like if the students were in school. 

  18. Will I need to get any addition al supplies beyond what I get on Friday? You should not need any additional supplies. The teachers will communicate with you if anything else is needed.

  19. When the students do individual work, is it advisable to help them if they ask or should we let them do it alone and allow the teacher to see what they can do without parent assistance? Try and let the student do work without parent help. Teachers are there to help the students. If a student is still struggling and the teacher is working with another student, then you can assist as needed. 

  20. When will the 1:1 TK/Kindergarten assessments take place? TK/Kindergarten teachers are developing a schedule for these assessments to take place during the Jump Start time, which is the first three weeks of school in the afternoons. 

  21. When do you think students would be allowed back to school? This is up to the Governor of CA, in consultation with the Santa Barbara County office of Education, and the Centers for Disease Control. Lompoc Unified School district bases their decision on the information and mandates from those offices. 

  22. Will 100% remote learning be allowed for students even if students are allowed back on campus? If we go to the hybrid learning model, then yes, some students will be able to continue the 100% remote learning. 

  23. Will all the teachers be using the same programs for the school work? Some programs are the same throughout the grade levels. Other programs are only for a certain grade level. The teachers will be letting you know what programs to access and how. 

  24. Will the work be scanned back to the teachers or will we be turning them in physically? Some work will be done through Google classroom, and some might be collected physically. The teachers will let you know. 

  25. Will the MFLAC counselor be available this year? Yes, you can contact her at

  26. What do we do if our chromebook isn’t working or we can’t login? You can contact your child’s teacher, and if they cannot help you, then you can email our Site Technician at: is a site for free tutoring for military families.